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Faculty of Service Innovation

The Faculty of Service Innovation provides the world with new services by nurturing people who will create new services and entrepreneurs who can turn such ideas into business.

As the society and economy have become more mature in Japan, the industrial structure is shifting from "manufacturing" to "service innovation"; however, the field still lacks human resources. In April 2009, CUC founded the "Faculty of Service Innovation" in order to nurture people who will lead the field in the years to come. We want to contribute to society by educating our students in innovative ways and training them to become the following:

Three Ways of Learning

Learning from Academic Fields

Students receive solid grounding in the basics of marketing, management, economics, finance and accounting, and information technology, so they will come to understand the essence of service, turning knowledge into wisdom.

Learning from Companies

Students listen to lectures by guest speakers from official supporting companies who are professionals in various fields. In addition, they go on four-week internships to get on-the-job training at those companies.

Learning from Activities

Students plan projects and put them into practice with the support of professors and official supporting companies. Students experience both the excitement and the difficulty of actually doing business.

Official Supporting Companies

Our official supporting companies provide all kinds of services such as services for individuals, services for families, and services for companies. The students have ample opportunities to get on-the-job training at those companies, and as they experience the joy of work, they may find their future goal.

List of official supporting companies

(As of May 2017. *In addition to the companies listed, negotiation is now under way with a number of other companies.)