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Admission Policy

Faculty of Service Innovation

In the Faculty of Service Innovation, we aim to nurture individuals who can provide service innovation in response to future societal needs. Our curriculum is designed around three approaches to learning: "learning from study"; "learning from industry"; and "learning from action." With the cooperation of numerous companies as official supporters, our faculty unite in our goal to provide ongoing learning opportunities for students. We are committed to making full use of opportunities afforded to us to facilitate students' learning and growth while they actively work with people with varying backgrounds who can contribute to the education and research in our faculty.

Fundamental Qualities for Prospective Students

In the Faculty of Service Innovation, we are keen to recruit students with the following qualities:

  1. Vision and Passion
    A strong desire to engage in the ongoing study of service innovation, a keen interest in matters of public concern pertaining to service innovation, and the ability to identify clearly personal and academic goals for the future
  2. Core Academic Skills and Knowledge
    The ability to make use of core skills and knowledge developed through high school, including general knowledge, analytical thinking skills, and the ability to express oneself clearly and eloquently, all of which play a fundamental role in the study of service innovation
  3. Cooperativeness and Social Manners
    The ability to behave in an appropriate manner and with dignity when interacting with various people both within and outside of the university and the inclination to act collaboratively, sharing responsibility
  4. Ability to Take Action
    The ability to ascertain accurately the needs of a situation and see a plan or idea through to completion

Admissions Assessment Policy

  • "Admission by Recommendation" and "AO (Admissions Office) Entrance Examination"
    Candidates applying for admission to the Faculty of Service Innovation via "Admission by Recommendation" or the "AO (Admissions Office) Entrance Examination" will be comprehensively assessed using documents submitted as part of the application and an interview on their (1) vision and passion; (2) core academic skills and knowledge; (3) cooperativeness and social manners; and (4) ability to take action. Assessment of (1) vision and passion will focus on future personal and academic goals. Assessment of (2) core academic skills and knowledge will primarily focus on candidates' high school academic records and the ability to write. Assessment of (3) cooperativeness and social manners will focus on candidates' outlook toward life and cooperative experiences in and out of high school. Any actions candidates have taken that can be shown to make a contribution to society will be recognized in category (4) ability to take action. Evaluations from the interview and submitted documents will contribute equally to final assessment of each candidate.
    We recommend that all candidates prepare a detailed explanation of activities that he or she devoted time and effort to during high school; specific details about learning goals after entering university; and evidence indicating understanding of our curriculum, which is designed around three approaches, "learning from study," "learning from industry," and "learning from action." In addition to submitting the regular set of documents required for application and being interviewed, candidates applying for the "Scholarship Entrance Examination" are required to submit a report and prepare a presentation highlighting their past experiences and ability to take a leading role.
  • General Entrance Examination and Center Test
    The "General Entrance Examination" and "National Center Test Utilizing Examination" focus on cognitive competence, Japanese reading comprehension, foreign language aptitude, mathematical ability, and basic social knowledge and are used as means of assessing candidates' ability to engage in the study of service innovation. The range and scope of questions on these examinations conform to content covered in high school. Questions are intended to assess how well candidates understood content covered in high school. As part of our "Comprehensive Evaluation Entrance Examination," in addition to an examination designed to test scholastic ability, documents submitted as part of the application will be used to assess the candidate's academic achievements and activity records during high school. Candidates who excel in the section of the "Comprehensive Evaluation Entrance Examination" designed to test scholastic ability will be eligible for a scholarship.

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