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Founding Spirit and Educational Philosophy

Founding Spirit

Chiba University of Commerce was founded with the goal of contributing to society by nurturing individuals who have high ethical standards and who view the world with an open mind.

Founder Ryukichi Endo believed that to reach that goal it was necessary to spread the idea of "practical scholarship with high morality" - studies which are useful to society with its ever-expanding social diversity and internationalization.

The pillars of that education would be those academic disciplines which allow students to understand and live through the constantly changing regional, national and global issues. That spirit continues to serve as the foundation of the practical education offered by CUC which provides young people with the knowledge they need to live in the world today.

Educational Philosophy

The heart of the university’s educational philosophy is to use practical education to foster in business people a strong sense of ethics applicable to the modern day. The university has implemented this advanced, practical educational philosophy in each department and graduate school in order to better contribute to society.

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