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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences aims to develop the students' ability to create a mutually supportive and respective society with specific professional business skills.

About the Faculty

Japan today is facing huge changes such as the rapidly aging population, the declining birthrate, urban population growth, the weakening of local economies and rural communities, and globalization as well as lifestyle changes such as the increasing participation of women in all aspects of society and the question of work-life balance. To respond promptly to these changes, we must create new systems and reform existing systems.

CUC established the "Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences" (HSS) in April 2014 in order to nurture human resources who can solve the diverse needs of society by developing new business solutions.

Social needs represent new business opportunities. To find the best solutions to address these social needs, it is important to know what the problems of society are and why the problems exist in the first place. HSS focuses on two aspects of learning. By studying a combination of sociology-related subjects (Humanities, Family Issues, Social Welfare) and business-related subjects (Commerce, Economics, Management) the students will acquire the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in business and contribute to society.

Three Courses for a Successful Career in the Future

At the beginning of their second year in HSS, the students will start studying in their major field. They select one course from the three courses provided by HSS, focusing on matters of Family Life, Community, and Welfare, depending on their interests and career plans. Each course reflects the current problems and needs of society. HSS educates and trains students to be able to tackle the issues in these three fields.

Family Life Course

The so-called "nuclear family" is the most common type of family in Japan today. A shift from the traditional multi-generational family, where more than three generations live together, to the nuclear family has diversified family life and also brought about new problems. The Family Life Course covers a wide range of family issues. Students in this course are expected to become professionals in matters of family finance and housing management to improve the quality of their living environment.

Community Course

In a globalized society, it is important to consider the concept "Think globally, act locally" when we take actions in our community. A key to the successful revitalization of local communities is to reflect both local and global perspectives in our actions. With a thorough understanding of the concept "Think globally, act locally," the students in this course learn how to make our communities both comfortable and vibrant. They acquire the skills required to work in local government offices or in companies serving local needs such as tourism.

Welfare Course

Welfare is no longer considered social support provided solely by the government. In response to the growing need for better services and facilities for the healthcare of the aged as well as children, the private sector, in addition to the traditional public sector, is expected to provide new welfare services. The students in this course are encouraged to obtain a wide range of professional business and welfare-related qualifications to prepare for their future careers. They are expected to become administrators and managers of facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, and other social welfare institutions.

Active Learning

HSS The Faculty provides many opportunities outside the classroom for students to practice what they have learned in the classroom. This is called "Active Learning." The students can apply their knowledge to real business and realize how it works. Hands-on experience is the best way to consolidate what they have learned.

HSS corporate partners listed below are well-known companies and NPOs, excellent social service providers promising to contribute actively to our students' learning process. Internships in their offices, collaborative projects, volunteer activities and opportunities of interaction with people in real business and society will help the students deepen their learning and acquire really useful knowledge and skills required by society.

HSS Corporate Partners

  • Ichikawa Building - Property Development
  • JTB Corporate Sales Inc. - Travel Agent
  • Suwashoten Inc. - Food Manufacturing and Sales
  • Toyo-Kensetsu Corp. - Construction Service
  • Hirohama Corp. - Container Caps Producing and Sales
  • STARTS CARESERVICE Co.,Ltd. - Nursing Care Service
  • Dental Support Co., Ltd. - Dental Health Service
  • Non-Profit Organization Child Development Center "Kokko" - Care for Children with Developmentally Disabilities
  • KOYAMA Healthcare Group - Medical & Nursing Care Services
  • Egao-Tsunagete (NPO) - Regional Development
  • Lifestyle & Welfare Environment 21 (NPO) - Aging Service
  • Hirosima Kensetsu Co., Ltd. - Construction Service
  • Benesse Style Care Co., Ltd. - Nursing Care Service
  • Hitachi Motor Transportation Co., Ltd. - Transport Service
  • The Johnan Shinkin Bank - Banking
  • Ohsato Sogokanri Co., Ltd. - Real Estate Management
  • Koiwa Flower-Road Commercial District - Local Business Association

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