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Admission Policy

At Chiba University of Commerce, our educational philosophy is firmly rooted in the university's founding spirit and our founder Dr. Ryukichi Endo's unwavering belief in the importance of nurturing development of "outstanding individuals (Chido-ka)" through practical education. Consequently, we look forward to receiving applications from candidates who exhibit the following qualities, which we believe are necessary to fulfill our curricular requirements and degree awarding policy.
We consider "outstanding individuals" to be "leaders with high ethical standards, who can take a step back to view problems facing society from a wide perspective at any point in time and who are capable of operationalizing their learning to work toward solutions."

Fundamental Qualities for Prospective Students

  • A strong desire to learn and develop both specialist and significant liberal arts skills and knowledge necessary to identify and address real-world problems and issues
  • A strong desire to develop the ability to work autonomously, collaboratively, and with a sense of equality through active learning and collaboration with a wide variety of people in society
  • An ardent desire to develop strong ethics, the ability to express oneself clearly and eloquently, the ability to judge a situation adequately, and the ability to think analytically through the above approaches to learning

Admissions Assessment Policy

  • Candidates will be assessed for admission to our undergraduate degree program based on an evaluation of skills and knowledge fundamental to our program (cognitive competence, Japanese reading comprehension, foreign language aptitude, mathematical ability, and general knowledge). The range and scope of the evaluation will conform to content covered in high school. Questions will be taken from a wide range of materials to assess how well candidates understood content covered in high school.
  • Interviews will be held to assess the extent to which selected candidates exhibit qualities identified as fundamental for prospective students. Various interviewers will participate in this process. Panels of interviewers will conduct individual interviews to assess candidates' ability and appropriateness.
  • Records of the candidate's extracurricular activities and educational background up to high school will be confirmed via documents such as the candidate's school record and used as a basis for determining admission. Therefore, indicators such as overall academic performance may be included in the application requirements.


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