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Master's Program

Graduate School of Commerce

Commerce Course

A forum of knowledge creation to meet the needs of a new business era by making use of the knowledge of commerce, business administration, and accounting

Commerce Course aims to be a forum of knowledge creation to meet the needs of this new era of business by effectively and comprehensively harnessing research in the fields of commerce, business administration and accounting. Our goal is to develop the abilities of people who can solve issues within their own organizations, people starting or operating businesses, and researchers and specialists who aim to work in problem-finding and problem-solving, by participating in the strategic development of academic fields. Faculty and students work closely together through workshops and other activities, each aiming to achieve their own goals, as they experience strategic knowledge creation.

  • Master of Commerce

Economics Course

Cultivating economics researchers and advanced specialists

Economics Course aims to conduct specialized and comprehensive research into economics, and aims to cultivate the students' knowledge-building abilities based on their acquisition of fundamental and applied theories. Our ultimate goal is to cultivate highly advanced professionals with economics research skills and the ability to tackle global economic issues. Our graduate school offers courses in economic theory, history, policy, economics-related laws, and courses for reading foreign economics publications, in order to provide a broad, systematic perspective of our industrial economy. In addition to learning fundamental economic theories, students acquire the ability to discover the various economic issues currently faced by society, analyze them systematically, and resolve them, always relating them to fundamental theories.

  • Master of Economics

Policy Informatics Course

A forum for the creation of new knowledge – Training highly-specialized professionals who have excellent command of informatics methodology

Policy Informatics Course provides a practical and diverse curriculum with the aim of giving students an understanding and acquisition of two forms of competence – in policy-making and communications – and nurture a new type of highly specialized professional. Our other objective is to cultivate individuals who have found their calling in contributing to society as “political operatives” – those who continue their studies in the doctoral program to draw upon advanced policy science and research policy informatics. Through research in the four fields of government, environment, business and culture, we aim to nurture policy planners, producers, coordinators and others who will become the next generation of highly-specialized professionals.

  • Master of Policy Informatics

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