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Faculty of Policy Informatics

The Faculty of Policy Informatics fosters community problem solvers.

About the Faculty

Communities today are confronted by various challenges. In particular, rural areas, faced with population decline and the hollowing-out of industries, are trying out new approaches to revitalize their communities. Focusing on community development needs, the Faculty of Policy Informatics aims to educate the students to become professionals who will try to tackle these challenges from two aspects.
The Faculty offers two courses based on the concept of "Community Development × Media": the Community Policy Planning Course and the Media Informatics Course.

Community Policy Planning Course

Studying to Work in the Civil Service

The Community Policy Planning Course focuses on studying to enter the civil service to serve the community. In order to tackle the complex, intertwining problems facing communities and create a better society, what is required is a wide range of knowledge and the ability to take action. The Course offers a diverse curriculum designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to pass the civil service exam and become civil servants, as well as active learning opportunities in community development. Preparatory classes for the civil service exam offered as an extracurricular program provides practical lessons including exercises, mock exams, and interview practice.
The Course is designed to fully support the student's goal to become a civil servant and foster professionals who can work towards creating a better society.

Active Learning: Addressing the Community's Challenges


Nakayama Sando Dotto Komu

Students helped out at an event aimed at revitalizing the Nakayama Sando (an alley leads to a temple) shopping street in Ichikawa City. They published brochures, putting together interesting information they had collected about the shopping street.


Eco-Products Exhibition

With a view to developing an environmentally-friendly community, a team of students presented on the use of geothermal energy, which is gaining attention for its potential to reduce CO2 emissions and also mitigate the urban heat island effect.

Major Fields of Study

  • Public Administration
  • Environment
  • Community Development
  • Business
Core Subjects
Public Administration Practical Business
Public Administration Practical Business Application
Process of Policymaking / Administrative Law / Urban Planning Guide / Environmental Assessment / Marketing / Management Strategy / Environmental Policy / Urban Policy and Planning / Non-Profit Organizations / Civil Code / Criminal Law / Introduction to Environmentology / Economy of Japan / Consensus Building Theory / Environmental Sociology / Local Public Finance / Policy-Making in Local Communities / Regional Economics / Community Organization / Environmental Management Training for Local Communities / Health, Medicine and Local Society

Media Informatics Course

Communication Support to Solve Issues Thorough the Power of Art and IT

In our society today, where IT and media have become indispensable tools of communication for understanding others and for conveying one's ideas in the planning process, then, town revitalization or community development projects are making greater use of videos and animation works, and increasing importance is attached to information dissemination through websites and SNS.
The Media Informatics Course fosters professionals with the ability to create expressive works and communication skills for developing a new community culture which will attract people to the community. Students will acquire a variety of techniques to communicate through information and media channels by learning to make videos and using webcast equipment at the on-campus digital studio.

Digital Studio Facilities and Equipment
Broadcasting studio / Hi-Vision monitors / Digital video switcher / Hi-Vision cameras / Master monitor / PC for editing videos

Active Learning: Organizing Events and Creating Works for Community People's Enjoyment



Students planned and organized a concert of Japanese traditional music, Gagaku, in Ichikawa, which was a fusion of video and music. They promoted the concert and produced a video of the concert, making full use of the media.



Students produced a DVD showing how to look at gravestones to understand the history of life and culture in the community and society. It was done under the advise of the Professor conducting a research in the field.



Students disseminate information about the Faculty by creating and managing a website authorized by the Faculty and publishing newsletters. These activities actually contribute to the public relations of the Faculty.

Major Fields of Study

  • Information Technology
  • Art
  • Media
  • Culture
Core Subjects
Dessin Training / MIDI Expression / Representative Media / Motion Picture Theory / Creating Digital Video Produce / Digital Image / Creating Digital Video and Digital Sound / Music Composition / Sound Design / Expression in Japanese / Art Creation Practice / Studies in Contemporary Art / Creativity and Art / Video-Making / Studies on Performing Arts / Document Design / Web Design / Scenario Writing / Animation / Expression: 3-0 Digital Computer Graphics / Chromatics / Bodily Expression / The Art and Practice of Event Production / Computer Network System Management / Programming / Interface Design / Technologies for Database / Information Processing Technology (Hardware) /Information Processing Technology (Software) / Software Engineering

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