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Platform for Arts and Science

The Platform for Arts and Science is dedicated to shaping the foundation of our students. Based on our Diploma Policy, the department focuses on two of the three "CUC Core Competencies," namely, nurturing individuals with a strong sense of ethics and a broad knowledge of the liberal arts. To this end, CUC has established a university-wide curriculum, the "CUC Foundation Education Courses."

CUC Foundation Education Courses

These courses transcend the boundaries of faculties and departments, providing students with a comprehensive education. Based on their interests, students can choose and explore widely from approximately 150 subjects in seven categories:

  • Common Liberal Arts Subjects: Students can cultivate a broad understanding in the fields of humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.
  • Foreign Language Subjects: Students can choose from six languages (English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, and Korean) to learn about diverse cultures through languages.
  • Information Subjects: Students can develop information literacy applicable to their future majors.
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting Subjects: Students can learn practical accounting skills and work towards obtaining professional certifications.
  • Physical Education Subjects: Students can enhance their physical and mental well-being and learn the importance of teamwork through various sports activities.
  • Career Development Subjects: Students can gain insight into themselves as well as the work environment, so they can start planning for their future careers.
  • Japanese Language-related Subjects: Students can acquire essential writing skills required as professionals.

Curriculum Matrix

Curriculum Matrix allows students to explore the relationships of subjects and disciplines.

Curriculum Map

Curriculum Map allows students to navigate their educational journey.

Chiba University of Commerce Mathematical Data Science Education Program

This specialized education program is designed to provide a systematic knowledge of data science, a field playing a pivotal role in numerous industrial sectors in recent years.

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