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CUC Summer Program

CUC Summer Program has been organized from 2011. This program invites students from affiliated institutions overseas to learn about Japan, its economy, finance, art and culture at CUC, and to experience Japanese culture. CUC students are involved in the management of the program and play an active role in this international exchange experience.

During the program, the participants attend classes in the morning. In the afternoon, they go on excursions visiting places such as the Chiba University of Commerce high school, the Edo-Tokyo Museum, Asakusa, and so on.

CUC is located in Ichikawa city, Chiba prefecture, which is very close to Tokyo. It takes only 30 minutes to Tokyo station. As many famous sightseeing spots in Tokyo are within easy access of CUC, the participants will have time to visit these places on weekends.

Student Magazine

Sample Schedule

8:00-8:45 Breakfast

Class in Japanese Art and Material Culture

Sample Schedule


Class in the History of Japanese Finance

Sample Schedule

Students gave a presentation at the end of the program



Sample Schedule

Having lunch at the University Dining with CUC students

13:00 Heading for the Imperial Palace by bus

Visiting the Imperial Palace

Sample Schedule

Taking a group picture in front of Niju-Bashi Bridge


Visiting the Bank of Japan

Sample Schedule

Learning the history of Japanese financial markets



Sample Schedule

Having dinner at the University Dining

2019 Participating Universities

Germany Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences
Korea Chonnam National University
Thailand Chiang Mai University
Panyapiwat Institute of Management
USA University of Nebraska Omaha
Taiwan National Taipei University of Business
National Chung Cheng University


During the program, students stay in the dormitory on campus, where they can experience the traditional Japanese way of living, sleeping on futon mattresses on the tatami floor.

Photo Gallery

Participants' Voices from the Student Magazine

  • "The CUC experience was much more immersive than I ever expected it to be."
    - University of Hawaii
  • "The program was also a place of diverse cultures from 15 universities in many countries, which helps us broaden our networking and learn from many international fellows."
    - Vietnam National University
  • "The Art class and the Economic class also gave us lots of different kind of thought about Japanese culture, history and economics"
    - National Taipei University of Business


CUC students can help you during this program. It's going to be a great way to make Japanese friends. You can also enjoy the weekends as you like. Some people go to Tokyo Disneyland, Akihabara, Harajuku, and so on.

The CUC Summer Program will be great memorable time which you will never forget for the rest of your life. We are very much looking forward to seeing you this summer!

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