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Student Exchange

Information about the application guideline will be sent from CUC to the exchange program staff at our partner universities. Please contact the exchange student program staff at your home university for information.

Academic Calendar

Spring Semester

Orientation Late March
Class begins Early April
Semester ends Late July

Fall Semester

Orientation Late September
Class begins Early October
Semester ends Late January

Recognition of Credits

The power and authority to recognize credits is vested in the home university. At the end of each semester, the exchange students are required to take the same examinations as CUC students, which will be assessed in accordance with the criteria set by CUC and the results sent to the students' home universities.

Language Competence

Most of the courses are conducted in Japanese, with some courses conducted in English.
As the exchange students are required to use Japanese in their daily life, they are expected to possess Japanese competence at N2 Level.

Tuition Fee

The exchange students are exempt from tuition fees, in accordance with the Agreement between the home university and CUC.

Cost of accommodation and meals

The exchange students can stay in the International Dormitory. The dormitory costs ¥38,000 per month for one student, which can be waived depending on the Agreement between the student’s home university and CUC. Meals are not provided. Please check the following page for details of the International Dormitory.

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