Since its founding in 1928, the Chiba University of Commerce (CUC) has accepted many young people to study here under the educational philosophy of “practical scholarship with high morality” as it started as a school for accounting. The educational content we offer has evolved in order to nurture people who are able to respond to both the demands of the times and our changing society, and we continue to engage in academic research aimed at finding solutions to the issues faced by our society.

CUC inspires its students to become more active, to expand their individuality, and to develop their abilities. To help them tie together their book learning with real-life experience, they are constantly tested and encouraged to evolve.

For the future of each and every student, CUC will continue to evolve, and through practical scholarship, we will continue to nurture people who are able to carve a path towards their own future. As an education and research institution, we see it as our duty to continue working towards finding solutions to the problems our society faces today.

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