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MBA Program

Graduate School of Accounting & Finance

Nurturing advanced professionals thoroughly versed in accounting, tax affairs, and finance

Built on the pillars of accounting, tax affairs and finance, the Graduate School of Accounting & Finance aims to cultivate highly moral, highly specialized professionals capable of exercising professional skepticism - Certified Public Accountants who must be capable of handling International Financial Reporting Standards, certified tax accountants who are required to have a continually increasing understanding of international tax law, financial planners whose wealth management skills are constantly under scrutiny, and financial officers who must have an intuitive understanding of all these concepts. People aiming to enter these fields cannot preserve and improve their value by simply acquiring supplementary qualifications or on-the-job training. The Graduate School of Accounting & Finance not only gives students the basis upon which they can acquire new qualifications but also offers students more, a curriculum with a focus on preparing them for the future and an environment in which even currently employed busy individuals can study to improve their career prospects.

Degree(It depends on the course which you belonged to.)
  • Master of Business Administration (Accounting)
  • Master of Business Administration (Tax & Finance)

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