Eco Campus

The Ichikawa campus is a Green Campus with plenty of greenery and space. Various innovations have been implemented on campus such as effective use of natural light and rainwater as well as energy-saving on air-conditioning.

Planting greenery on rooftops, use of interlocking blocks

Roof greening, interlocking blocks

Effective insulation has been achieved by planting greenery on rooftops. The difference in surface temperature compared to rooftops without greenery is over 20℃. Interlocking blocks aid the permeation of rainwater into the ground and are effective in controlling rainwater runoff, recharging groundwater, cultivating the trees lining the main avenue, and improving the walking surface in rainy weather.

Using top lights and high side-lights

Using top and high-sided light

Sunlight is effectively incorporated into the buildings to reduce wasteful lighting.

Heat-reflecting glass, double-glazing on glass

Heat-ray reflective glass, double-glazing

The cooling effect is enhanced by reflecting the sun's energy in the summer and the heating effect is enhanced by trapping the heat inside the buildings in the winter. Both contribute to saving air-conditioning energy.

Balcony canopies/wing walls

Balcony canopies / wing walls

Throughout the year the balcony canopies and wing walls play an important role in letting enough natural light into the buildings. In the summer in particular, they prevent sunlight from reaching inside, thus reducing the amount of electricity used for air-conditioning.

Natural ventilation

Natural ventilation

Ventilation windows were installed at the top of the atrium of Building No. 1, which was completed in 2006, making it a comfortable building with natural ventilation making use of the upward current of air.

Original toilet paper


As part of our environmental activities, we are promoting the sorting and recycling of waste. One initiative has been making use of the waste paper that we used to take to a paper recycling company. Since 2004, we have been using it as raw material to make our own original toilet paper.


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