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Making Use of Renewable Energy

On August 1, 2019, through Minna-denryoku, Inc. (CEO: OISHI Eiji), the university began the switch to power from renewable energy, focusing mainly on FIT electricity from the university's Noda Mega-Solar Farm in Noda City, Chiba Prefecture.
Thanks to this system, the electricity purchased by the Ichikawa campus became 100% renewable energy.

Use of Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Use Chart
  • As a specified wholesaler, CUC supplies FIT electricity from its Noda Mega-Solar Farm to Minna-denryoku through the TEPCO power grid.
  • By using the Minna-denryoku block chain P2P power traceability system, it is possible to certify the supply of FIT electricity from the Noda Mega-Solar Farm to the Ichikawa campus. The electricity shortage is supplemented with other FIT electricity and renewable energy (such as wind power, biomass, etc.), and through non-fossil fuel certificates with tracking, to achieve a 100% renewable energy.


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