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Scheme for Achieving the Goal

Towards Achievement

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Overall Concept

To achieve its environmental goals, CUC has built on its past activities to tackle global warming in order to promote a university-wide scheme based on the three initiatives of hardware, software and heart-ware.

Overall Concept



Expansion of facilities for energy generation and conservation

  • Installing more solar panels at the Noda Mega-Solar Farm
  • Changing the lighting on the Ichikawa campus to LED
  • Installing solar panels on the rooftops on campus
  • Installing solar heating and air-conditioning facilities, etc.




  • Introducing Energy Management System (EMS)
  • Managing power consumption and production
  • Optimizing control


Feeling and knowledge influence human behavior

  • Conducting a survey of energy wasted
  • Carrying out Uchimizu event, cooling down by sprinkling water
  • Installing a green screen
  • Measures to boost individual awareness of energy conservation
  • Cooperation between students and the university administration

Student Organization for Natural Energy (SONE) launched
SONE addresses energy conservation and prevention of global warming from the students' perspective and works together with the university. SONE aims to reduce CUC's electricity consumption by planning and implementing various activities and by making proposals to the university.

CUC Energy Inc. established


Building on past initiatives, in May 2016, CUC established CUC Energy Inc. with the university as the main constituent, as a locally-produced/locally-consumed energy business, bringing the benefits of sustainability to the local community.
By leasing energy conservation facilities to CUC and verifying them, and sharing knowledge with CUC about the environment and energy, the company supports CUC in its effort to become a 100% renewable energy university. After CUC has achieved its environmental goals, the company will promote the introduction of renewable energy and provide energy conservation know-how and others to businesses in the community. In the future, it expects to develop renewable energy sources within Chiba Prefecture and develop electricity retail business and others in the Tokatsu area.

CUC Energy Inc.

CUC Energy Inc.

CUC Energy Inc. was established by CUC in May 2016 as a local energy provider. It provides energy/service business to support CUC in its effort to become a 100% renewable energy university. President HARASHINA Sachihiko assumed the position of CEO in May 2018.

Outlook for the Future

With the university's initiatives at the core and as a model for a locally-produced/locally-consumed energy business, CUC aims to support the formation of a locally -distributed energy society.
When Japan is converted to a locally-distributed energy society, its industrial structure will also change. CUC will continue to make contributions with the aim of converting society to a locally-produced/locally-consumed society which will boost the local economy.


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