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Solar Power Generation Facilities on Campus

CUC has installed solar panels on the roofs of the Main Building, Buildings No.1 to 6, the Library, the Gym and The University HUB. The electricity generated is prioritized for the use in the buildings where the panels are installed. Any surplus is supplied to other buildings on the Ichikawa campus (self-production and consumption).

Ichikawa Campus

Solar panel output

Total solar panel output:459kW

main building building 1 building 2 building 3 building 4 building 5 building 6 Laboratory Gym The University HUB
39kW 43kW 115kW 53kW 56kW 30kW 28kW 28kW 42kW 22kW

* The solar panel output for each building is rounded to the nearest whole number so the totals do not match.

Solar panel
Solar panel

Solar Sharing

Solar Sharing

CUC has installed solar sharing in a field (vineyard) converted from an old pitching practice ground on campus. The electricity generated is supplied to related facilities and the surplus is stored.

  • Site area: approx. 300m²
  • Number of panels: 120W×72
  • Annual volume of power generated: approx. 9,750 to 10,500kWh


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